LiFe IsNt OrDiNaRy

my name is Rachel, i have a twin sister who is my best friend. i am a vegetarian and i love lolita. i read lots of manga when i can. at school i hang out with the anime and punk kids. i love music and love when people tell me about any songs. i have a boyfriend, his names Sam, and i met him at marching band. so all around im a big dork, but i love being one ^^

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BeSt ShOt

its so random its amazing ^^


well ive started marching band this week, so im exhausted already, but i get to see my friends so im fine with suffering a little to see them. its very difficult, because we are outside and its almost 100degrees out. but its so much fun to go to the football games and being able to be in the half-time show. yesterday i spent my day reading my books and doing wordsearches cuz im a big dork. i also realized yesterday that ive been a vegetarian for… 9 & 1/2 months! i miss all my friends that are in the group im with in school and cant wait to see them. thats all for now¬†


hmmmmm, oh i know! my books ^^ i love reading and i have so many